It’s time for you to EMERGE into the best of the best!

Executive and Sales Training for those that want to perform at their peak.

Your performance is important to you.

Are you reaching your fullest potential?

So many other training programs focus on training in a one day seminar or a one-time event and you are left to figure out how it correlates to your business and your opportunities. Emerge Now is here to work with you weekly or monthly, in order to continue to help you develop your skill set to get what you want, when you want it, with people willing to support you and rally behind you through it all.

Executive Training

Our executive training program will allow you to emerge into the Executive that you’ve always aspired to be. We’ll work one-on-one with you and help you through day to day real life activities and show you “real time” examples of new concepts and new ways for you to emerge into the best you can be.

Sales Training

In sales today, the margin for error is extremely thin. Our sales training program is designed to make every buyer interaction count by instilling confidence and teaching you proven methods for closing a sale. You’ll learn how to ask the right questions and create long-term customer relationships.


Owner, Dave Slain, has extensive hands-on experience managing people as an executive and creating sales systems that are proven to drive sales and increase margins.
As Cheif Operating Officer of Inland Label, Dave has created, implemented, and taught sales system that drove 100% organic growth from $38 million to $130+ million over 13 years while increasing margin percentages 70%+; bottom-line dollars increased 308% during the same time period.