Water Soluble CBD


Made just for our Berry lovers. Your order includes one (1oz.) bottle of UltraCell Berry. UltraCell® is a blend of full spectrum hemp oil and other essential nutrients. 

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Chemistry 101 – Oil and Water do not Mix.  When you mix oil and water, you know the oil simply floats on top.  The molecules of oil are too big, making them unable to mix into a solution.  In order to benefit from our nutrition, food must be readily absorbed by our intestines, which are lined in a fine layer of water.  Liquids and solids that are oil based pass through our digestive system, unable to pass through the water barrier. When you take oil based supplements, the majority of their benefits are not absorbed by your body, leading to a bioavailability rate of less than 10%.  Ultra Cell is water based – which allows us to have up to a 94% bioavailability rate. Which means you should benefit from this product more than any other on the market.